Celebration of Life

Setting the ashes to rest


The loss of a loved one is very difficult.   We hope to provide some comfort in helping you plan a loving and meaningful celebration of their life.   As you fulfill your loved one's  wish to be cremated and  scattering ashes at sea in Oxnard, you'll be creating a truly special , everlasting memory  -  a beautiful ceremony of setting your loved one free.

The ceremony will start when we leave dock.  We will go out to sea to lay the ashes to rest.  Flowers may be placed at the spot.  

The total time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

A poem for comfort


Alone I will not be

my comfort will come from the sea
The stillness of calm waves
will gently drift by
​I will be as one with the sea
​When the sun sets on the ocean blue

remember me as I will always remember you
As the sun rises
​go live life as full as can be

Apart,  you and me

​But at peace for I am free.