About Us

Captain Dan

Hi, this is Captain Dan.   A little about me.  I was raised in Manhattan Beach, Ca. and  I'm a true blue surfer boy.  I am very passionate about the ocean and ocean life.   When I was  young, my dad used to rent little boats out of Redondo Beach and we'd go fishing.  Even at a very young age I knew I could never leave the ocean. I was in my early 20's when I bought my first boat.  Then took trips to Long Beach, Catalina, or wherever my boat would take me.  Since then I've had about 10 different boats.   When I bought Ciao Bella, I fulfilled my dream of owning a beautiful yacht.   I love sharing the ocean with whoever wants to go on a cruise with me.   I'll keep you entertained for hours with stories of my surfing and boating life.   Because - old surfers don't die, they just buy big boats.   

Captains license

I am a fully licensed captain by the U.S. Coast Guard.   I hold a license to captain vessels up to 100 tons (which is a pretty big boat).  It's been my pleasure to take people out and share my passion for the incredible seas for over 40 years.   I look forward to spending time with you on Ciao Bella.